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Transmitters and bugs

Welcome in section on bugs, AM-FM transmitters and spy-features. Here you can find many radio-electronic schemes of spy-technics. If you have any questions on constructioning this devices, go to our forum of electronics.

FM transmitters:

  1. FM Beacon Broadcast Transmitter (88-108 MHz)
  2. FM Transmitter
  3. 1-Transistor FM Transmitter
  4. A small FM transmitter (SMD)
  5. Miniature FM Transmitter
  6. Low Power FM Transmitter
  7. FM Voice Transmitter
  8. Sensitive FM Transmitter
  9. Small FM Transmitter
  10. Wireless FM Transmitter
  11. 4 Watt FM Transmitter
  12. 4 Watt FM Transmitter-2
  13. 3-3.5 Watt FM Transmitter
  14. 4 Transistor Tracking Transmitter
  15. AM Transmitter
  16. FM Stereo Transmitter
  17. FM Transmitter for Band 2 VHF
  18. Small Radio Transmitter
  19. WBFM TX V7
  20. FM Transmitter Bug
  21. AM FM Simultaneous Transmitter Using Digital IC
  22. Medium range transmitter
  23. 15W Fm-transmitter
  24. AM Transmitter

Telephone bugs:

  1. Wireless Telephone Bug
  2. FM Telephone Bug

Other type bugs:

  1. Transmitter FM 45W with valve