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TV Transmitter

Circuit :David Kwaku Celestin - Ghana, West Africa

Email :>[email protected]

A VHF band TV transmitter using negative sound modulation and PAL video modulation. This is suitable for countries using TV systems B and G.

Webmasters Note: This circuit will be illegal in some countries!

tv transmitter

The frequency of the transmitter lies within VHF and VLF range on the TV channel, however this circuit has not been tested at UHF frequencies. The modulated sound signal contains 5.5 -6MHz by tuning C5. Sound modulation is FM and is compatible with UK System I sound. The transmitter however is working at VHF frequencies between 54 and 216MHz and therefore compatible only with countries using Pal System B and Pal System G.

For more information on TV systems visit the links below:

Television Frequency Table
Television frequency and channel standarts


sata2012 2013-02-13 15:43:13
I wanted to know:
1-Range or distance of this circuit work?
2-The operating frequency of the circuit and the circuit frequency up to 500 meg so if I want to take what must I do?
3-What is the overall performance of the circuit?
4-What antenna should be used?
Thank infinite

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100Transistors 2017-11-22 09:46:03
The range can be determined by using a test signal and a portable analog tv and moving far away until there is no more signal.

The antenna that should be used depends on the application, if the signal needs to go across the room a dipole should be used. If the signal must go more than a few metres a LPDA or yagi, these are common on the roofs on houses, should be used.

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EMMANUEL AGBEKO 2011-04-19 22:04:55
I was trying to build this transmittre but not all of the component is in [GHANA]like c5 which of the adjustable capaciter can i use in place?

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