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12 Volt DC to 120 Volt AC Inverter

Ever needed a low power 120volt AC  power source for your car, van or truck? Well this circuit should do the trick for you. It will supply 15 watts of AC power to a device. It should power lamps, shavers, small stereos and small appliances. If you draw to much power the circuit will shut down all by itself. The output of this circuit is a square wave so there may be some noticeable hum on audio units plugged into it. To reduce some of the hum increase the value of the output capacitor which is at .47uf now. That transistor in the circuit are high power PNP transistors. Radio Shack part number 276-2025 are good ones to use or TIP32. The transformer is a 24 volt 2 amp center tapped secondary Radio Shack part number 273-1512 or equivalent.

12 volt to 120 volt inverter

Amos Tonui 2015-12-23 18:42:28
How can i adjust this circuit to give me 240v/50htz and 2000W???? Please help me.

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