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HP PowerWise L600/L900/L1250 UPS interface


9 pin D-SUB male
9 pin D-SUB male connector  at the UPS
Pin#Signal TypeFunction
1RS-232 Earth GroundSignal Common for all RS-232 port signals (earth ground referenced)
2RS-232 Transmit Output Serial communication mode - output signal line. 
3RS-232 Receive Input / ShutdownSerial communication mode - input signal line. Contact Closure mode - shuts down UPS if signal is held high (RS-232 level) for 200 milliseconds while UPS is operating in battery mode.
4AC Line Fail (normally closed)Contact Closure mode - opened when AC line fails and UPS is operating in battery mode (breaks connection between Pin#4 and Pin#5).
5Contact Closure Common / RS-232  CommonSignal Common for all Contact Closure group / RS-232 Signal Common line.
7Low Battery (normally open)Contact Closure mode - closed when remaining "on-battery runtime" drops below the under-defined time limit (makes connection between Pin#7 and Pin#5).
9AC Line Fail (normally open) Contact Closure mode - closed when in battery mode (makes connection between Pin#9 and Pin#5).

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