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Fiskars PowerRite UPS port


9 pin D-SUB male
9 pin D-SUB male connector  at the UPS
Pin #Signal TypeFunction
1Basic Modem Mode;
Input: RS232 high pulse 4 to 5 seconds wide 
Remote UPS off: In presence of  AC, Output will turn off for 15 seconds after conditionaldelay. In absence of AC, output is kept off until normal AC returns 
1Serial Data Mode;
Input: RS232 data 
RS232 serial communication input. 1200 baud, 8-bit, no parity, one stop bit, one start bit, Xon/Xoff 
2Basic Mode;
Output: RS232 level high 
AC Input failure 
2Serial Data Mode;
Output: RS232 data
RS232 serial communication output. Same as input
3Output: Open collector transistor ON, 50 mA. 40 VDC ratingAC Input failure
4Signal CommonSignal Common
5Output: Open collector transistor ON. SO mA. 40 VDC rating Impending low battery
6Input: RS232 level low (-12V)Plug and Play software enable trigger
7Input: Relay contact or RS232 level Remote output OFF/ON: UPS total output can be kept off with low signal or closing relay contact 
8Output: 8 to 25 VDC, 5 W constant power (0.63 A max. @ 8V)Auxiliary Control Power
9Chassis Connection to chassis

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