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Samsung SCH A-790 cell phone usb

also used for SCH-N181, N182, N195, N270, N356, N362, N370; SPH-A220, A520, A530, A540; SCH-A310,A565,A600,A610A620,A630,A650,A660,A670,A680,A690; VGA1000, VI660.

 18 pin Samsung cellphone special
18 pin Samsung cellphone special connector  at the mobile phone (keypad up)
Pin Signal Description
11GND USB pin 4
15USB D- USB pin 2
17USB D+ USB pin 3
16USB +5V USB pin 1

This phones may be connected to the USB port with simple cable, which connects D- and D- of USB port, D+ and D+ of USB port, +5V and Vcc of USB port, GND and GND of USB port (unconfirmed).

4 pin USB A or USB B jack
4 pin USB A or USB B jack connector  at the computer´s cable

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