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NEC e313, e525, N8, N8i, e606, e616, e616v, e808, n341i, e228, 338 cell phones

for 525, 515, c313, e313, e525, e530, e535, e606, e616, e616v, c616v, e228, e808, e808s, e808y, n331i, n341i, n400i, n410i, n530i, n550i, n590i, n630i, n8, n700, n710, n830, n900, n8000 models

 10 pin cellphone special
10 pin cellphone special connector  at the cellular phone (keypad up)
2RxUSB D+ at least in NEC N8, E616, E313.
3TxUSB D- at least in NEC N8, E616, E313.
4VccUSB +5V
5+ charger input
Pins 4,5 shorted, pins 8,9,10 shorted in USB cable ?

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