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Samsung X100, X600, S500, E700,T100 data/flash

18 pin Samsung cellphone special
18 pin Samsung cellphone special connector  to the mobile phone (keypad up)

Power (pin 14) may be obtained from external source. RTS and CTS (pins 4,5) unnecessary for unlocking, but needed for flashing and GPRS. There is uncertainty in scheme at this pins! Wires should be connected according to the scheme.

Another scheme, originally suggested for X100 and EasyGPRS (melody, images download, GPRS). COM-port should be set to the 115200 bps. Phone is keypad up.

How to adapt T100 (cable PCB037DBE)cable for X100, X600, S500, E700 (cable PSB133LBE) (attention to wrong numbering on scheme)
Also, if you own standard T100 data-cable (PCB037DBE) you can make them universal flash, GPRS,... cable (PCB037LBE).
There are three types of Samsung T100 cables:
1 DM CABLE GH39-00080A – service cable.
3 DOWNLOADING CABLE GH39-00143A (PCB037DBE) – melody download.
To extend possibilities of your PCB037DBE cable you must:
Open connector
Interchange pins 4 and 5
Cut pin 11 - pin 13 connection

9 pin D-SUB female
9 pin D-SUB female connector  to the computer

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