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Philips cell phones cable

Should work with Philips Savvy, Fisio, Az@lis, Ozeo, Genie mobile phones.

12 pin cellphone special
12 pin cellphone special connector  to the mobile phone
In addition to drawn, pin 16 of Max232 must be connected with pin 9 of Max232 by R=1.5KOm.
These scheme should work with Philips Savvy, Fisio, Az@lis, Ozeo, Xenium mobile phones
Comment (unconfirmed):For data cable purposes connect pin6 to CND. Phone write on LCD "PC connected". Pin 9 has Open Collector schematic, need pull-up resistor 1.5-3KOhm to VDD.

Another scheme:

+3VDC(exactly) external power should be used for Philips Az@lis, Xenium, Ozeo (important!). Some users suggest using Max3232 despite of Max232 for this mobiles.

9 pin D-SUB female
9 pin D-SUB female connector  to the computer

Warning! Possible not correct!

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