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Single-chip digital voltmeter

This 4 1/2-digit DVM circuit is built around a Maxim ICL7129ACPL A/D converter and LCD driver. An ICL8069 CCZR 1.2-V band-gap reference diode is used for a voltage reference. S2a-b-c select one of four ranges up to 200 V (maximum). The meter also has a piezoelectric buzzer for continuity testing. S3 selects either DVM or continuity. Crystal 1 can be changed to 100 kHz if maximum rejection of 50 Hz is desired. The crystal normally provides 120 kHz for best 60-Hz rejection. This is caused by the dual-slope conversion technique used in IC1.

RAMA RAO 2013-12-11 15:55:29
the circuit design was good but the discription was not there.................

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