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Avocent / Cybex / BlackBox XPSI and KV1609C serial control cards RJ45


connector of the 4XP / XP4000 / XP4040 / ServSwitch Multi EXP

8 pin RJ45 female
8 pin RJ45 female connector  at the rear of the XPSI card
There are a total of four (4) RJ45 ports on the card numbered from 1 to 4. The topmost port is one (1). This information applies to the rebranded BlackBox card KV1609C Serial Control Card. The information relates to the Avocent/Cybex 4XP/XP4000/XP4040 chassis and the BlackBox ServSwitch Multi EXP chassis.
rear of the XPSI card.
Name Direction Description
1 DTR Data Terminal Ready
2 RTS Request to Send
3 GND Signal Ground
4 TXD Transmitted Data
5 RXD Received Data
6 GND Signal Ground
7 CTS Clear to Send
8 DSR Data Set Ready

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