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Ethernet 100Base-T4


100Base-T4 uses all four pairs. 100Base-TX only uses two pairs

 8 pin RJ45 female
8 pin RJ45 female connector  at the network interface cards/hubs
Pin Name Description
1TX_D1+Tranceive Data+
2TX_D1-Tranceive Data-
3RX_D2+Receive Data+
4BI_D3+Bi-directional Data+
5BI_D3-Bi-directional Data-
6RX_D2-Receive Data-
7BI_D4+Bi-directional Data+
8BI_D4-Bi-directional Data-

Note: TX & RX are swapped on Hub´s. Don´t know about Bi-directional data

8 pin RJ45 male
8 pin RJ45 male connector  at the cables

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