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SGI video


13 pin 13W3 female
13 pin 13W3 female connector  at the computer

Silicon Graphics manufacturers high end computers that are used in graphic rendering and CAD/CAM applications. This computer generally operates at two different frequencies (48 kHz and 64 kHz), which is determined upon boot up. This computer type outputs sync RsGsBs, RGsB, RGBS and RGBHV.

Normal Monitor

Pin Description
1Monitor ID Bit 3, TTL
2Monitor ID Bit 0, TTL
3Composite Sync (Active Low), TTL
4Horizontal Drive (Active High), TTL
5Vertical Drive (Active High), TTL
6Monitor ID Bit 1, TTL
7Monitor ID Bit 2, TTL
8Digital Ground
9Digital Ground
10Sync Ground

DDC Monitor

Pin Description
1Data Clock (SCL)
2Bi-directional Data (SDA)
3Composite Sync
4Horizontal Sync
5Vertical Sync
6DDC (+5VInput)
7DDC Ground
8Chassis Ground
9Chassis Ground
10Chassis Ground

Signal type: analog

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