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WTX motherboard power supply Main (P1)


24 pin MOLEX 44206-0007
24 pin MOLEX 44206-0007 connector  at the motherboard
Pin Name   Color Description AWG
13.3V Orange+3.3 VDC18
23.3V Orange+3.3 VDC18
33.3V Orange+3.3 VDC18
43.3V Orange+3.3 VDC18
53.3V Orange+3.3 VDC18
6com BlackGround18
7com BlackGround18
8com BlackGround18
9com BlackGround18
10com BlackGround18
115V Red+5 VDC18
125V Red+5 VDC18
133.3V Orange+3.3 VDC18
143.3V Orange+3.3 VDC18
153.3V Orange+3.3 VDC18
163.3V Orange+3.3 VDC18
173.3Vaux Brown+3.3 VDC Auxilary20
18com BlackGround18
19com BlackGround18
20com BlackGround18
21com BlackGround18
225Vsb Purple+5 VDC Standby20
235V Red+5 VDC18
245V Red+5 VDC18

24 pin MOLEX 39-01-2240
24 pin MOLEX 39-01-2240 connector  at the cable

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