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MultiMedia card


This memory cards are up to 1Gb and uses up to 20MHz 1-bit data bus

7 pin MM-card special
7 pin MM-card special connector  at the card

The MultiMedia Card communication is based on serial bus designed to operate in a low voltage range. For compatibility to existing controllers the cards may offer,in addition to the MultiMedia Card mode, an alternate communication protocol which is based on the SPI standard.

1RSV NCNot connected or Always “1” (data 3?)
2CMD I/OCommand/Response
3VSS1 SSupply Voltage Ground
4VDD SSupply Voltage
5CLK IClock
6VSS2 SSupply Voltage Ground
7DAT0 I/OPP Data 0
  • CLK - with each cycle of this signal an one bit transfer on the command and data lines is done. The frequency may vary between 0-20MHz.
  • CMD - is a bidirectional command channel used for card initialization and data transfer commands.
  • DAT - is a bidirectional data channel. The DAT signal operates in push-pull mode. Only one card or the host is driving this signal at a time.

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