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Centronics printer


One of the most used printer interfaces. Now partially replaced by USB.

36 pin CENTRONICS female
36 pin CENTRONICS female connector  at the printer
Pin Name Dir Description
2D0<->Data Bit 0
3D1<->Data Bit 1
4D2<->Data Bit 2
5D3<->Data Bit 3
6D4<->Data Bit 4
7D5<->Data Bit 5
8D6<->Data Bit 6
9D7<->Data Bit 7
12POUT-->Paper Out
15n/c-Not used
160 V---Logic Ground
17CHASSIS GND---Shield Ground
18+5 V PULLUP-->+5 V DC (50 mA max)
19GND---Signal Ground (Strobe Ground)
20GND---Signal Ground (Data 0 Ground)
21GND---Signal Ground (Data 1 Ground)
22GND---Signal Ground (Data 2 Ground)
23GND---Signal Ground (Data 3 Ground)
24GND---Signal Ground (Data 4 Ground)
25GND---Signal Ground (Data 5 Ground)
26GND---Signal Ground (Data 6 Ground)
27GND---Signal Ground (Data 7 Ground)
28GND---Signal Ground (Acknowledge Ground)
29GND---Signal Ground (Busy Ground)
30/GNDRESET---Reset Ground
32/FAULT-->Fault (Low when offline)
330 V---Signal Ground
34n/c-Not used
35+5 V-->+5 V DC
36/SLCT IN<--Select In (Taking low or high sets printer on line or off line respectively)
Functional Description
STROBE:Active low pulse used to transfer data into the printer.Pulse with must be between 0.5 and 500 microseconds for most printers.
Dn:Data lines, high is a one. 
ACK:Active low pulse indicates that data has been received and the printer is ready to accept more. 
BUSY:A high signal indicates that the printer cannot receive data. 
PE:A high signal indicates that the printer is out of paper (Paper End) 
SELECT OUT:A high signal indicates that the printer is on-line 
AUTO FEED:A low signal indicates to the printer that a line feed is required after each Carriage return.This signal is used as a ground line by some manufacturers.
OSCXT:A 100-200 KHz signal used by true Centronics printers only. 
+5V:+5VdcNot provided by all manufacturers
PRIME:A low signal resets the printer to its power-up state and the printer buffer is cleared 
FAULT:A low signal indicates that the printer is in an off-line or error state 
LINE COUNT:Used by true Centronics printers only.Most of the time not used
SELECT IN:A high signal indicates to the printer that a DC1/ DC3 code is valid.This signal is used by a few manufacturers

Note: Direction is Printer relative Computer.

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