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Sony Clie, models T, NR, SJ, SL, NX, TH


Not for S and N series

The plug for SONY Clie T and NR models, should fits to all past and current Clie models, Clie T625,675C, NR70, SJ30, SL10, NX70, etc..

The T, NR, sj, SL of models (and probably also all future Clie"s) have no RS232 interface and RS232 devices can"t be directly attached to them. Some kind of converter needed.

The Clie t plugs have all 20Pins. However only 18 are used and also only 18 counted. The two outside contacts on the left and on the right are not taken in account and not used here. If one counts directly at the plug, Pin 1 would be thus not occupied, pin 2 GND (logic and Powersupply), Pin 19 again GND (logic and Powersupply), and Pin 20 again not occupied. Who wants to go safe, pin 10 knows, the exit of the Li ION Akkus with a circuit analyzer against Pin 1 (GND) measures (3.4-4.2 V with Akkubetrieb, 5,2 V with external supply).

The counting takes place from RIGHT to the left

Sony Clie
Name Direction Description
1 Unused -?-  
2 GND -?- logic and Powersupply
3 USB D+ -?-  
4 USB D -?-  
5 USB GND -?-  
6 VBUS -?- USB +5V
7 vacant -?-  
8 -?- Connection for current supply 5.2V
9 -?- Connection for acc (5.2V)
10 vacant -?-  
11 -?- Exit Li ION acc, type 3.4-4.2 V
12 Hot Sync -?- active: Low
13 DTR -?- TTL level 0-3.3V!
14 RXD -?- TTL level 0-3.3V!
15 TXD -?- TTL level 0-3.3V!
16 CTS -?- TTL level 0-3.3V!
17 RTS -?- TTL level 0-3.3V!
18 CTE -?- periphery Detect pin (resistor to GND?)
19 GND -?- logic and Powersupply
20 Unused -?-

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