Psion Organiser II Top Slot (D)
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Psion Organiser II Top Slot (D)


16 pin Psion II special
16 pin Psion II special connector  at the top slot (D) of Psion Organiser II (keypad up?)
1SD7Data Bit 7
2SD0Data Bit 0
3SD6Data Bit 6
4SD1Data Bit 1
5SD5Data Bit 5
6SD2Data Bit 2
7SD4Data Bit 4
8SD3Data Bit 3
9GND0 Volts
10SCKUndefined Control Line
11SVBExternal Power Input / Battery Output Voltage - 0.6 Volt
12SS3Slot Select 3
13SCVV+5 Volts
14ACExternal On/Clear
15SOMEUndefined Control Line
16SMRUndefined Control Line

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