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PalmOne Tungsten T3, T, T2, C, W, Zire 71, m125, m130, m500, m505, m515, i705


16 pin PALM special
16 pin PALM special connector  at the PDA
1GND Signal- and charge ground (connected to pin 7)
2USB_D+ Positive USB data signal
3USB_D- Negative USB data signal
4VBUS VBUS signal
5HOTSYNC HotSync IRQ - +3.3V for button push
6N/C Not Connected
7GND Signal- and charge GND (connected to pin 1)
8ID Identification for peripherials
9Vout +3.2V supply output, 100mA max.
10RxD RS-232 RxD signal (input), GPS T
11TxD RS-232 TxD signal (output), GPS R
12DETECT peripherial detect - tied to ground by peripherials
13CTS RS-232 CTS signal (input)
14RTS RS-232 RTS signal (output)
15DTR RS-232 DTR signal (output)
16CHARGE +5V charge supply input, 500-700mA

pins 1,7,8,12 should be shorted in cable?

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