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Serial (Printer)


25 pin D-SUB male
25 pin D-SUB male connector  at the printer
Pin Name Dir Description
1SHIELD---Shield Ground
2TXD-->Transmit Data
3RXD<--Receive Data
4n/c-Not connected
5n/c-Not connected
6DSR<--Data Set Ready
7GND---System Ground
8DCD<--Data Carrier Detect
9n/c-Not connected
10n/c-Not connected
11?-->Reverse Channel
12n/c-Not connected
13n/c-Not connected
14n/c-Not connected
15n/c-Not connected
16n/c-Not connected
17TTY-TXD-->TTY Receive Data
18n/c-Not connected
19n/c-Not connected
20DTR-->Data Terminal Ready
21n/c-Not connected
22n/c-Not connected
23?-->TTY Receive Data Return
24?<--TTY Transmit Data Return
25TTY-RXD<--TTY Receive Data

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